Level 2 Smog Check Inspector Training: Inspection Procedures 
Level 1 Smog Check Inspector Training: Electrical, Engine and Emission Control Fundamentals 
The engine and emission control training is intended to provide students with fundamental knowledge of engine and emission control theory, design and operation. Students who successfully complete this training will have met the first step of the Bureau of Automotive Repair's training requirements for inexperienced or minimally experienced candidates for the smog inspector license. 

Training Prerequisite: None 

Candidates for the Smog Check Inspector license who do not meet BAR specified requirements must complete this training before proceeding to Level 2 Smog Check Training. Candidates who meet the BAR specified requirements are not required to complete this training. 

BAR specified requirements: Possess ASE A6, A8 and L1 certification; or possess an AA/AS degree or Certificate in automotive technology and have 1 year experience; or have 2 years experience and have completed BAR specified training. 

​Price: $1440
​Can be made in 4 payments of $360

*Classes will be delivered in 4 phases

The inspection procedures training is intended to provide students the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to perform Smog Check inspections. Students who successfully complete this training will have met the Bureau's training requirements to qualify to the take the Smog Check Inspector state licensing examination. 

Training Prerequisite: Level 1 Smog Check Inspector Training: Engine and Emission Controls Fundamentals 

Prior to taking the Inspection Procedures Training, students must either satisfy BAR specified criteria, as listed below, or successfully complete Level 1 Smog Check Inspector Training: Engine and Emission Controls Fundamentals. 

BAR Specified Criteria: ASE A6, A8 and L1; or AA/AS Certificate in automotive technology and 1 year experience; or 2 years experience and BAR alternative/ASE equivalency training. 

​Price: $480
2017 BAR Certified Repair Update Training: 
Advanced Valve Timing & Engine Mechanical Diagnostics
BAR Specified (Alternative ASE Training):
Diagnostic and Repair
Mechanical timing problems have been around as long as the internal combustion engine, but more complex timing and valve train systems have flooded the market in the last decade. Now they're showing up in your
shop, and the stakes are high. Position sensor codes are often mechanical or variable timing faults. Variable valve timing (VVT) codes are often mechanical timing faults or lubrication issues. Even Fuel Trim, MAF, MAP, and other codes and symptoms can be caused by a variety of timing and
lift faults. When it really is a VVT system fault, it's hard to tell if the root cause is an oil, solenoid, actuator, or other mechanical fault. What's needed is a repeatable strategy to avoid testing 'everything', and instead quickly
eliminate possible causes.  We've fine-tuned this approach to include
manufacturer-specific ATG Tips for quick solutions you'd spend hours discovering on your own.

Smog Check Repair Technicians are required to complete 16 hours of automotive technology update training every two years for license renewal.  4 hours of which can be the online inspector update training that is required to renew the inspector license  and is located on BARs website at:  

Certificate Offered - Certificate of Completion: BAR Certified Repair Update Training 

Price: $200

BAR Specified Diagnostic and Repair Training is intended to provide students a high level of competency in the diagnosis and repair of Smog Check failures. This training focuses on the areas of electrical/electronic systems and engine and emission control performance. Students with at least two years of engine performance repair experience and who successfully complete this training may qualify for the state licensing examination for the Smog Check Repair Technician License. 

The training shall be a minimum of 72 hours and is valid for five years. 

Certificate Offered - Certificate of Completion: BAR Specified Training: Diagnostic and Repair 

Price: $1440
​Can be made in 4 payments of $360

*Classes will be delivered in 4 phases


BAR Citation Training 
This training class will provide remedial training to licensed Smog Check Inspectors who have received a citation by the bureau and mandated to complete corrective training. 

This training is a minimum of 8 hours, which may include a 4 hour on-line component. However, actual training hours could vary depending on the conditions of the citation issued by the bureau. As applicable, the training includes a quiz to confirm the on-line training component, a review of the official inspection procedures, hands-on assessments using vehicles with emission control defects or tampers, and a final written exam. 

Certificate Offered - Certificate of Completion: BAR Citation Training

Price: $480 (28-Hour)
Price: $160 (8-Hour)